Meet Steve Bauhr

About Bauhr Ranch Horsemanship

On the home page you may have notice we claim to work the horse from the horses point of view.

To better quantify that statement: We always take into account how the horse may be viewing what we're asking before we just assume there's a problem. Since so many " So called problems " are simply a miss understanding between horse and rider it's really the only honest way to approach training.

Steve Bauhr was very fortunate to have spent time and work with some of the best horseman in California. At a time when Steve was struggling with traditional training Tom Dorrance , Ray Hunt, and several others were close by and still doing clinics and workshops. Their philosophy had a life changing effect on Steve. Not only did it help Steve to better understand his own horses , it lead to his decision to work with and ride horses for the public.

Steve still works with some of these wonderful horseman in an effort to keep learning and staying teachable.

Whether it's our Workshops - lessons or with the horses in training, this philosophy is the cornerstone behind everything we do at Bauhr Ranch.