Meet Steve Bauhr

About Bauhr Ranch Horsemanship

Steve has been working with and riding horses for over 35 years. His first experience with horses and ranch life came in High School working on various ranches, although never with the livestock. While gaining lots of experience digging post holes, moving irrigation pipes and burning brush, Steve always had one eye on the cowboys and what they were doing.

There was a calling then that took years before Steve answered it.

  • In 1983 Steve started riding with Donna Maddox in Modesto, CA. It was at the Maddox ranch he got his first real introduction to horses but more importantly, Horsemanship.
  • In 1990 Steve and Carolyn Bauhr move to La Grange, CA. During the next 15 years, they owned many different horses and soon discovered that Horsemanship was much easier said than done.
  • At that time it was still possible to attend Tom Dorrance and Ray Hunt clinics, as both of these wonderful horseman lived within an hour of Bauhr Ranch.
  • In 2002 Steve completed an apprenticeship program with trainer Charles Whilhelm. That summer was a life changing experience for Steve and it was during that time he decided that working with horses would be his full time endeavor.
  • In 2005 Bauhr Ranch was formed and it's been a blast ever since!
  • In 2011 we lost Carolyn. With that loss, a large part of Bauhr Ranch was gone.
  • In 2014 Steve married Brenda and they decided to look for a new location for the Ranch.
  • In 2016 they moved to a wonderful piece of property just outside of Chinese Camp, CA.

For the past several years they have worked very hard to set up an awesome facility based around helping people help their horses. Steve now writes Horsemanship articles for West Coast Horseman and this year he'll be writing for Eclectic Horseman Magazine.

Steve still works with other trainers in an effort to stay current and continue learning.

A special thank you to Richard Winters, Charles Whilhelm and David Hillman for the time and knowledge they've shared with Steve over the years.