Bauhr Ranch Horsemanship Annexus Workshops

Annexus is a Latin term meaning "To Connect"

With over 15 yrs riding horses for the public It has become apparent to me that most people do not have a good connection with their horse.

Too much attention is placed on a Nicker as they walk by or having their horse follow them after they've chased them in the round pen.

Although these expressions work on "Our" emotions they mean little to nothing in the real world when you really need your horse.

Annexus Workshops are focused on building a real and solid connection through fun and challenging projects. These projects combined with our Annexus Riding will form this connection between horse and rider based on trust and accountability.

Whether you ride Western - Dressage - Gaited Horses or you're a Hunter Jumper - All are welcome to experience these incredible Workshops.

There are four parts to the Annexus program:

  • Part 1 - Look Inwards
  • Part 2 - Understanding
  • Part 3 - Discovery
  • Part 4 - Connected


The different Workshops will be offered at various times of the year at both Bauhr Ranch and other facilities.

It may take a horse and rider some time to schedule and attend all four Workshops. Keep watch here as to when and where they are being offered. As the saying says, "Enjoy the Journey". Read more about the Annexus Summer Getaways.