Staying Teachable by Brenda Bauhr

As an adolescent rider I would saddle up my horse and just go! Never much thought was given to my skills let alone the needs of the horse. As time passed I started to realize the struggles and challenges with my mare were due to my lack of knowledge. I can still hear my mom saying "patience Brenda, patience". More

Diane Ziettlow

I took my Polish Arab (Harlan) to Steve to be refreshed and retrained. It was equine boot camp for my horse and me. We started from ground zero...and I do mean zero. I loved it. More

Lynn Fisher

It was October 2014 when I first got acquainted with Steve Bauhr. It was out of sheer desperation that I called him to get my horse Raven on the waiting list for training. My dear friend who was my horse mentor had died and I was at a loss as to what to do; I was very green with a green broke horse. Not a good combination; in fact he had already scared me several times by acting out. More

Fritzie and George Kilian and "Little Joe"

We specifically picked Steve Bauhr to start our three-year old Mustang gelding "Little Joe" because of Steve's gentle nature and understanding of the horse. Steve is a rare trainer that maintains a fascination for each horse he works with. We adopted Joe from the BLM as a three-month old colt. We worked with him ourselves, using natural horsemanship techniques, for three years. More

Wimmer Lackey and her 2-yr old filly Corie

My decision to have Steve Bauhr start my 2 year old filly, Corie, was not difficult to make. I had seen Steve work with a couple of horses and knew by watching that he truly loved horses and was intent on giving them the best start possible. At the Bauhr Ranch, Corie was introduced to many sensory situations. She now stands calmly for tarps being hung on her, moves easily with ropes swinging over her head and wrapped around her legs, and does not flinch when an umbrella is opened and shut repeatedly in her face. More

Lynne Orloff and "Sassy"

A sudden and unexpected jostling to the side startled me, followed by a lost stirrup and the sensation of my body lifting higher and higher off the leather. The realization that each pulse was setting me up for a dangerous and obvious conclusion of a bone-threatening over-the-head toss, urged me to choose to "fly" off the side. I don't remember the "flight", but I do remember the landing! At sixty years old, I don't need to experience many of those "lumps" in life. More