Lynn Fisher

It was October 2014 when I first got acquainted with Steve Bauhr. It was out of sheer desperation that I called him to get my horse Raven on the waiting list for training.

My dear friend who was my horse mentor had died and I was at a loss as to what to do; I was very green with a green broke horse. Not a good combination; in fact he had already scared me several times by acting out. People were telling me to get rid of him because it was not a good match.

As God planned, Steve had a spot and Raven went into training. During that time I would go once a week and observe Steve working with the horses and have a lesson on mine. I loved it. I found Steve to be very kind to the horses with assertive leadership. They trusted him. There was never yelling or aggressive behavior towards the horses. Steve has a quiet, dependable and consistent approach to training.

Steve first looks for holes in the horse's previous training, he never uses any more pressure than necessary, he knows how to get the horse's attention and sometimes he turns a project "inside out". He can explain that better than I!

I love Steve's ability to read a horse; he considers the horse's personality. Some are fearful, some very anxious, some lacking experience or ones that just say 'no'. Steve's approach is to consider the horse and help the horse to find the answer and not force submission. When he taught Raven to Park Out. He considered the fact that Raven is very food motivated and encouraged the slightest try with a treat. I have never seen Steve give a horse a treat since then; it is not his normal training method. With Raven it worked and he can still Park Out today.

Steve knows how to build confidence in a horse too. Raven is a good example. When he was teaching him to cross the creek at the La Grange ranch, he was sending him out on a lunge line. Raven did everything but cross! He was truly upset and nervous but with consistent, calm requests and acknowledging the slightest "try" Raven did finally cross the creek. Crossing the puddles on a trail ride now are no big deal to Raven.

When it was all said and done Raven had three months of training "under his cinch" with Steve. He came home more willing and able. Sending My green broke horse to Steve's was one of the best things I did for the both of us. Raven looked to Steve as a trustworthy leader. Months later at one of the clinics at Harmony Hills Steve was talking to the riders. I was on Raven and I noticed him inching towards Steve as if he wanted to say 'hey!! remember me?'. He likes that Cowboy! You know.....horses never lie!

Raven and I are still on our never ending journey. The skills build one upon the other and our bond grows stronger. Every minute with our horses is teaching them something. Today Raven is a wonderful Hospice House Volunteer visiting the patients and bringing solace to the families. So proud of him.

Me, I'm blessed! I own two horses now and have the privilege of volunteering at Steve's beautiful ranch in Chinese Camp. I cherish the horsemanship tips he shares freely with us. I love the horses and always look forward to meeting a new one in training.

It's a journey and Steve would tell you...'pat your horse'. I do all the time!

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