Staying Teachable by Brenda Bauhr

As an adolescent rider I would saddle up my horse and just go! Never much thought was given to my skills let alone the needs of the horse. As time passed I started to realize the struggles and challenges with my mare were due to my lack of knowledge. I can still hear my mom saying "patience Brenda, patience". Myself and my mare survived my inexperience.

As a young adult just graduating from college owning a horse again was now only a dream. In the interim I had dogs. I adopted a 1 1/2 year old yellow Labrador named Modoc in 1995. I was Modoc's third owner and he proved to be a handful. I was determined to work through his issues which led me to a Professional dog trainer. After attending training classes I could see a rewarding transformation in my dog as well as in myself.

Fast forward to 2007, I purchased my first horse and named him Kai. I quickly realized he was beyond my abilities. I knew I needed the help of a Professional Horse Trainer. I came across a flyer for a Bauhr Ranch Horsemanship clinic at one of our local feed stores. Myself and my Mom drove down to the Valley to watch the clinic. Not long after auditing this clinic we attended a Horsemanship clinic at their La Grange Ranch. Kai backed out of the trailer with his head in the air, nostrils flaring and tail flagged, running circles around me. Steve watched this crazy show before approaching and asking if he could take the horse. I eagerly handed him the horse and moved out of the way. With Steve's gentle handling and guidance he got us through the clinic successfully. It was not long after the clinic we put our horses in training at Bauhr Ranch. When Kai came home from training he was a solid and confident horse. I continue to ride and enjoy him today. Between the training Kai received as well as the skills I learned from Steve Bauhr, this is without question what's kept us safe and enjoying the trails, now years later.

Over the next several years we continued to attend workshops and clinics at Bauhr Ranch. In 2011 Carolyn Bauhr passed away. In 2012 Steve and myself began to see each other on a more personal level and were married in 2014. I'm fortunate now to live this ranch life full time, continuing to learn with the many types of horses that come and go at the ranch. They are all unique and do not fit a mold, so the training is always evolving and changing to keep horses motivated and interested in learning!

I look forward to many years of being horseback and as Steve says "Staying Teachable" .

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