Wimmer Lackey and her 2-yr old filly Corie

My decision to have Steve Bauhr start my 2 year old filly, Corie, was not difficult to make. I had seen Steve work with a couple of horses and knew by watching that he truly loved horses and was intent on giving them the best start possible.

At the Bauhr Ranch, Corie was introduced to many sensory situations. She now stands calmly for tarps being hung on her, moves easily with ropes swinging over her head and wrapped around her legs, and does not flinch when an umbrella is opened and shut repeatedly in her face. It was fun to watch Corie as Steve when he went to his "bag of tricks". You could see her wait for the next item to be introduced with curiosity and trust instead of fear.

My understanding of the training goals at the Bauhr Ranch is safety for the owner (soon to be rider) and teaching the horse to accept her job willingly rather than forcefully.

I was pleased that I was warmly welcomed and encouraged to participate in Corie's training.

Thank you Steve and Carolyn.

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