Fritzie and George Kilian and "Little Joe"

We specifically picked Steve Bauhr to start our three-year old Mustang gelding "Little Joe" because of Steve's gentle nature and understanding of the horse. Steve is a rare trainer that maintains a fascination for each horse he works with.

We adopted Joe from the BLM as a three-month old colt. We worked with him ourselves, using natural horsemanship techniques, for three years. As we worked with Joe, he had a very sweet, curious, and willing disposition. However, Joe was also always a bit worried. We felt that Steve would be the best trainer to start Joe under saddle as we knew that he would not rush or push Joe. Steve would use Joe's curiosity and willingness to his advantage, and wait for Joe to let him know when he was ready to advance with his training.

After forty five days of training, Joe was going great under saddle with a very happy, relaxed, and can-do attitude.

Steve also worked with Joe and his anxiousness about giving up his feet. Joe would always pick up his feet and stand quiet for the shoer, but he did so with so much anxiety. After Steve worked with him, he was much more relaxed about giving up his feet (no longer holding his breath and looking away). The last and hardest thing for a BLM Mustang to give up is his feet; his ingrained survival instinct of flight is thus compromised.

We knew that a pushy and demanding, rather than understanding and patient trainer would "shut Joe down." Steve on the other hand gave and took the time to give Joe the time and confidence he needed. We feel that given time to think about it, using Steve's techniques, Joe can now handle pretty much any situation. We are very pleased with the outcome.

We now have a young horse that is happy, safe, confident, and forward with a desire to learn and work. We are so pleased we asked Bauhr Ranch to reserve time now for our next BLM yearling, over a year away!

We couldn't be happier!

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