Welcome to Bauhr Ranch and home to the Annexus Workshops

We are excited about 2019 and what the year holds for us and our clients.

Bauhr Ranch has been committed to bettering ours and your horsemanship for 15 years now.

It's been our pleasure to watch so many people get involved with our program and become great horse women and horseman.

It's pretty simple, we work with horse from the horses point of view.

From the horses we start under saddle to the older horses with issues, we always take the horses side first. That's not to say we don't respect the owners,we do. But so many times the issues are based around the owners misunderstanding of what the horse really needs.

So with respect and patience we encourage the owners to be very involved with the horses we keep in training, at our Workshops and lessons.

New for 2019 is our Annexus Workshops. Annexus being a Latin term meaning "To Connect". Thats exactly what these Workshops are about. There's more information on the Annexus page.

With that, again welcome to our website. Please take a few minutes to visit each page.