Past & Present

Since 2005 Steve has been writing Horsemanship articles for magazines like Ride, Honest Horses, West Coast Horseman, and Eclectic Horseman.

He’s also contributed to local newspapers like the Foothill Express, Sonora Union Democrat, Modesto Bee and more recently the Back Country Horseman’s monthly newsletter.

Steve has also submitted editorials to Range Magazine and Epic Times newspaper. Looking forward to being a contributing writer for both publications in 2022.

When asked why anyone should listen to what a Cowboy in Chinese Camp, CA has to say, Steve simply sums it up with:

“I have no formal training other than English 101 and a Brett Harte High school diploma. I’m not sure how to congregate a sentence. I’ve always just wrote down what I see, feel and ultimately live. Whether it be horses, faith, health and the cancer experience, or current issues of the day. Regardless of the topic, my writing doesn’t always fit everyone’s narrative and can certainly ruffle a few feathers if not worse. The mature solution, of course, to avoid being offended is obvious: don’t read it!

“Yet, for every negative comment I’ve received, I have been honored to be messaged tenfold both in private and publicly by folks thanking me for speaking out with honesty on a current issue or sharing my faith or health issues (like cancer) that many fear and worry about but cannot articulate their feelings so as to express themselves. It’s also rewarding to hear from folks who have used an idea or concept to help with their horses and or their Horsemanship.”